Which direction has the most stretch in a weft knit?

The crosswise loops are called courses. They form a row of loops that run across the fabric. Usually the greatest stretch in a knit fabric is in the crosswise direction.

In which direction do weft knit fabric easily stretch?


  1. Stretch crosswise and lengthwise.
  2. Stretches more in the crosswise.
  3. Tend to run or ladder if stitch breaks.
  4. Fabric less stable and curls when cut.
  5. Special finishes counteract curling and improve stability.
  6. Highest machine productivity.

Is weft knit stretchy?

With a few exceptions, weft knits have moderate to great amounts of crosswise stretch and some lengthwise stretch. Some jerseys, however, have little or no crosswise or lengthwise stretch. On many weft knits, the edges may curl.

Do weft knits stretch more than warp knits?

Warp knits can yield cloth with a dimensional stability almost equal in woven fabrics, but in weft knits their very low dimensional stability and fabric can be stretched easily.

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Which fabric structure has more stretch?


Fabric Characteristics Uses
Stretch jersey knit Soft and opaque, with a 4-way stretch. Viscose material has more stretch than cotton jerseys Dresses, skirts, tops

Which of the following direction has maximum stretch ability in wove fabric?

Usually the greatest stretch in a knit fabric is in the crosswise direction.

What is the most common weft knit?

Among all types of weft knit fabrics, the single jersey fabric is most popular.

  • Half cardigan,
  • Milano rib,
  • French pique,
  • Swiss pique.

Is jersey warp or weft knit?

A sampling of weft knit fabrics. All weft knits fall into three basic categories: rib knits, which are a combination of knit and purl stitches; purl knits, which are made with purl stitches alone, and jersey knits, which are made with knits stitches on the front and purl stitches on the reverse.

Do all knits stretch?

This fabric does not stretch and needs patterns especially suited to it. … Knit fabric has its fibers knitted or looped together causing the fabric to have some elasticity. They can further have Lycra or Spandex fibers added for even more stretch. Knit fabric can vary in its thicknesses and the amount of stretch.

What is the difference between warp knitting and weft knitting?

Warp knitting represents the fastest method of producing fabric from yarns. This differs from weft knitting in that each needle loops its own thread and runs vertically down the fabric. Warp knit fabrics will have the knit stitch on the face of the fabric but have a horizontal zigzag pattern on the back.

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What are the advantages of weft knit fabrics?

Advantages: Weft knitted fabric is very elastic, stretchable and comfortable to wear. It is warm to wear, i.e. a good insulator. It does not fray easily and is very cost-efficient.

Is raschel a weft knit?

Raschel Knit Fabric is a type of Warp knitted fabrics, which are made in a special knitting machine with yarns from warp beam. Unlike weft knits, they are knitted from multiple yarns, with yarns forming loops in adjacent wales. The fabric may be identified with a pick glass.

Does loop formation takes place Wale wise in weft knitting?

When one loop is drawn through another, loops are formed in horizontal or vertical direction. Weft knitting : Weft Knitting is a method of forming a fabric in which the loops are made in horizontal way from a single yarn and intermeshing of loops take place in a circular or flat form on across wise basis.

Which has more stretch warp or weft?

The warp threads are typically stronger, as they have to run the entire length of a bolt of fabric. Fabrics with warp and weft threads have the most stretch when pulled diagonally, or on the bias. In some sewing situations, this is helpful, but in embroidery, it can cause distortion.

What is mechanical stretch fabric?

A mechanical stretch fabric usually pertains to a fabric that is 100% Polyester but has a horizontal 2 way stretch to the fabric. This allows the fabric to not have spandex but still be able to have a stretch feel to it.

Does knit fabric stretch?

A knit fabric will stretch easily along its width, slightly less along its length, and it may also produce a run or lose its shape if stretched too much. A woven fabric will have barely any give along its width, and only slightly more give along its length.

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