How do you knit a ribbed collar on a sweater?

Ribbed patterns are made by knitting one stitch, purling one stitch and then repeating that pattern all the way around the neck. Knit a band twice as wide as the desired collar, and bind the stitches off in pattern. Fold it over to the inside of the neck and stitch the top of the band to the base.

What’s the best cast on for ribbing?

The alternating cable cast on is also quite stretchy, making it nicely suited for ribbing. In fact, I sometimes refer to it as my “ribbing cast on”! While this cast on is more advanced than a long tail cast on, it’s a great technique to use for hats, mittens, socks and sweater sleeves.

How do you put a collar on a sweater?

Using a 1cm seam allowance and a straight stitch:

  1. Sew a collar facing to a collar, right sides together, leaving one long edge open.
  2. Repeat for the other collar.
  3. Sew a collar stand facing to a collar stand, right sides together, leaving the space between the notches open.
  4. Repeat for the other collar stand.

What can I use instead of ribbing?

Substitute for 1×1 Rib: Use this when your cast on number is a multiple of 2+1. This versatile and classy edging is a variation on the classic 1×1 Rib, and indeed, several of the rows are actually 1×1 Rib. The difference is that two rows of ribbing are alternated with two rows of garter stitch.

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