How can we avoid mistakes and wastage in sewing?

How can we prevent sewing defects?

Solutions to prevent fabric slippage

Use a needle size as smaller as possible for the sewing characteristics you are making. Try using a sharp, long-pointed needle so that it offers the least resistance to tissue penetration. Use a needle plate with the smallest possible hole.

How can I sew more accurately?

Tips for Accurate Sewing

  1. Use the hand wheel or the needle up/down button. …
  2. Highlight the seam allowance guide. …
  3. Shift your needle. …
  4. Use pins wisely. …
  5. Draw the stitching line onto your fabric.

How can we prevent chemical degradation in stitch defect?

Minimizing broken stitches due to Chemical Degradation:

v Make sure the garments are being rinsed properly to neutralize the chemicals in the fabric. v Monitor the drying process, cycle times, and temperatures to make sure they are correct so that the best possible garment quality can be achieved.

What type of sewing faults are found in fabric?

Different types of needle damage such as breakage of yarn in fabric, yarn fraying, hole formation in fabric etc. Skipped stitch, that is improper successive binding of upper and lower thread. Oil spot or stain on garments.

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What can damage fabrics?

Fabric damage can also appear in situations where there is a lot of abrasion, such as where material is pulled very tight over hoops or where wind gets under the crop cover, causing it to flap and abrade against smooth stones and other hard objects.

Which are the garment washing faults?

Washing Faults

  • Color shade variation.
  • Crease marks.
  • After wash hole.
  • Very dark and very light.
  • Bleach spot.
  • Bottom hem and course edge destroy.
  • Running shading.
  • Over blasting/ low blasting.

Which finishes are provided to protect the cloth from natural damage?

Speciality finishes involves: Fragrance Release, Protective Finishes, Skin Care Additives, Insect Repellent, Deodorising Fragrance, Antimicrobials, Flame Retardant Finishes, Cool Finish & Thermal Insulatory Finish, Water Proofing Finish and UV Stabilisers.

What is the remedies of thread breaks?

Needle Thread Breakage

Cause Remedy
Excessive needle heat; groove or eye blocked with melted fabric. Improve the fabric finish. Change to a better needle, style and finish. Apply needle lubricant via thread. Use a needle cooler.
Hook overheating. Ensure adequate oil supply. Check the needle to hook clearance.

What is the remedies of upper thread breaks?


  • Check the threading order and thread correctly.
  • Adjust the tension disc.
  • Replace blunt or bent needles.
  • Use appropriate thread for the needle size.
  • Clean the bobbin case and shuttle.
  • Sew at moderate speed.

What is the remedies of seams pucker?

Solution. Reduce the tension applied to the thread while it is being wound onto the lock stitch bobbin. Set the needle thread tension to be as light as possible while achieving a balanced stitch at the same time. This will reduce the amount of puckering while the thread is stretched and improve the sewability.

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