Best answer: Can you crochet over crochet?

Surface crochet is a way to crochet (slip stitch) on top of a piece that is already worked up. With this method, you can add stripes, ribbing, edging, additional colors and endless decorative interest to any plain crochet projects… even if they are already made! It works exceptionally well in the round.

What is brioche crochet?

Like knitting, brioche crochet is in fact a ribbing made with front post stitches and chains. Usually, we work with just two colors using one color per round. The rounds can be worked either on the right side, or with alternation of right and wrong sides to prevent stitches from leaning.

What is overlay crochet?

Overlay crochet works by utilising the front or back of stitches, but there are many other techniques that can be used to give your project that three-dimensional appearance. This can include wrapping your yarn around stitches using a front post method or simply using front loops to create a raised effect.

How do you crochet freeform?

Make three rows of any length, in any direction, using this stitch. Continue on, selecting stitches and working a different number of rows of each. Change yarn whenever you feel like it. You are getting the hang of freeform crochet!

Can I embroider on crochet?

Embroidering on crochet is a wonderful way to add interest to a project, and there are countless creative options for crochet embroidery. Although you can embroider on any crochet fabric, single crochet and Tunisian simple stitch make for the best canvas.

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