Your question: How is Rabari embroidery done?

Mirror and cloth are looped together using thread to do the mirror work. The threads are interlaced around the round mirror through the needle. This work is a traditional art of Gujarat which is practiced from long generation. Embroidery is considered as the art of decorating textiles using a needle and thread.

What is Rabari embroidery?

Rabari embroidery is a pictographic representation and symbolic of the mythology, rituals, culture, and life of Rabaris. The Rabaris are subdivided into groups which have distinguishing hand embroidery vocabulary of the composing the chain stitch, the back stitch, and herringbone.

Which stitch is used for rabari work?

Many of the large and bold designs are inspired by Rabari mythology and their desert habitation. The basic pattern is normally worked on a dark ground, with the individual motifs being outlined with chain stitch and then filled in with buttonhole stitch and herringbone stitch, all in brightly coloured threads.

How is Kutch embroidery done?

Usually crafted on cotton or silk fabric, Kutch work embroidery is done with silk or woollen thread using fine stitches to create detailed and elaborate patterns. Motifs and designs draw inspiration from romantic, architectural and human motifs, as well as Persian and Mughal art.

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What do Kutch embroidery Gujarat Rabari embroidery Rajasthan and shisha embroidery Haryana have in common?

in Rajasthan ,haryana,Gujrat embroidery mirror work is common.

Where the kathiawar embroidery has been done?

The Kutch Embroidery is a handicraft and textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch District in Gujarat, India. This embroidery with its rich designs has made a notable contribution to the Indian embroidery traditions.

Kutch Embroidery
Material Cotton and silk cloth and thread

What is the traditional embroidery of Punjab?

Phulkari (Punjabi: ਫੁਲਕਾਰੀ) refers to the folk embroidery of the Punjab. Although Phulkari means floral work, the designs include not only flowers but also cover motifs and geometrical shapes.

What is Banjara embroidery?

Lambani or Banjara embroidery is a combination of colorful threads, design patters, mirror work, stitching patterns appliqué or patch work. Embroidery is done on thirteen different colors of base fabric among which dark blue or red are commonly used.

What is Kathiyawadi embroidery?

The Kathiawar embroidery designs are hand-drawn on cotton cloth and are worked with silk floss (heer). The embroidery is done in long stitches, use being made of tiny mirror to give glitter to the centre of flowers or eyes of animals and birds. Various influences have been brought into Kathiawar embroidery.

What are the types of Kutch embroidery?

There are six regionalized techniques of the embroidery – Soof, Kharek, Paako, Rabari, Jat and Mutwa. Soof: The term ‘soof’ is derived from ‘saaf’ meaning cleanliness, indicating the neat needlework that is done in the technique.

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What is Kashida stitch?

Kashida, also known as Kasida, is one of the oldest forms of embroidery that originated in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashida embroidery is created by using thick colored threads as well as beads to create different patterns. … This makes it perfect for garments such as shawls that can be worn with either side showing.

How is mirror work done?

The mirrors are affixed on to the fabric by special cross stitch embroidery that encloses the mirror, and provides it a casing. … Mirror or Shisha embroidery as we find it today actually originated in the 17th century and was originally done by using Mica. It which was later replaced by glass.

How is Kashmiri embroidery done?

Kashmiri embroidery which is also called as the Kashida embroidery is a unique form of art, staying true to the beauty of paradise state. The exquisite needlework and thread work that involves a single long stitch to make the design is indeed one of the most distinguished and beautiful forms of embroidery.

Which embroidery is famous in Kerala?

Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric with needle and thread. It is most often used on dresses, caps, coats, blankets and etc.