Your question: How do you thread through remaining stitches and fasten off?

How do you break yarn and draw through stitches?

How to “pull through” to cast off

  1. At the cast off edge, break the yarn leaving a long tail. …
  2. Take the darning needle through the first live stitch on the knitting needle. …
  3. Pull the darning needle all the way through the stitch, and let the stitch fall off the knitting needle.

What does remaining mean in knitting?

When a pattern instructs you to “draw yarn through the remaining stitches,” it is asking you to weave the yarn tail through your final live stitches. … Once you have threaded the live stitches onto the yarn tail, pulling on the end brings the stitches together and closes the hole at the top of your work.

How do you break yarn and rejoin?

Lay the new yarn across the needle, so that its yarn tail sticks out at the front of the knitting. Then hold both the old and new yarn together as if they were one big yarn strand. Knit three stitches with the joined yarns. Let go of the old yarn, pick up the new yarn and continue knitting with the new yarn.

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