What is the base of a crochet chain?

Almost all crochet begins with a foundation chain, which is a series of chain stitches beginning with a slip knot. You then work the first row of other stitches into the chain to start making crochet fabric. The foundation chain is also called a base chain or starting chain.

What is the base of a double crochet stitch?

Double crochet, like the single crochet, builds on a foundation chain as a base.

Is single crochet same as chain?

Yarn over and pull the yarn through the first loop on your hook. The yarn you just pulled through is actually a chain stitch. … Yarn over and pull through both of the loops on your hook to make a single crochet. You should have one loop on the hook when you complete this step.

What is a foundation single crochet?

A foundation single crochet or FSC starts with a chain and then adds the single crochet, so you make two elements in a single stitch. The result is a first row of single crochet that looks even better than starting the traditional way.

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