How does the bead spinner work?

How do you make a homemade bead spinner?

You only need one wooden chopstick and small plastic jar(container). I used one from apple sauce, and it holds up to 100 grams of beads! Using an awl, make a hole in the center of jar. Push the stick down through the hole gently and slowly, allowing the pushing to widen the hole.

What can I make with a bead loom?

Some of the most popular crafts made in bead looming are bracelets. You can craft trendy stacking bracelets in vibrant colors or make custom patterns in your favorite shades. You can even use your bead loom to make patriotic, nautical and bohemian designs.

Can you make earrings on a bead loom?

These beautifully bead woven earrings use the perfectly sized Baby Jewel Loom by Beadalon. Purchase a full kit to get the loom, needles and glue along with all the components to make your desired pattern.

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