How do you sew ruffles?

What stitch do you use for ruffles?

Step 9: Clean Finish the Ruffle Seam’s Raw Edge

The ruffle is clean finished with a serging stitch. If you don’t own a serger, as many sewing beginners don’t, you may use a zig zag stitch on a home sewing machine.

How much fabric do I need to make a ruffle?

Deciding the Length of the Ruffle Fabric

You’ll need to make a ruffle that’s two to three times the length than the area to which you’re attaching it. Allowing 2.5 times will usually give you a desirable ruffle, but three times is a best practice just to be sure. A very heavy fabric may require less length.

How do you finish a ruffle edge?

Finish the ruffle seam’s raw edge with your chosen finishing technique. The easiest and least expensive is by using a serging or zig zag stitch. This also minimizes bulk and allows for the seam to lay flatter on the outside of the garment. A matching fabric, bound finish may also be used.

How do you put ruffles on the bottom of a dress?

Cut a strip or strips of fabric to sew together to make the length you need for the desired amount of ruffle. Once you have a strip long enough, add 1 inch (for seam allowances), then cut the strip and sew it into a loop, right sides together, matching short ends.

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