How can I make my straight weave wavy and wet?

Use a soft paddle brush to brush out any tangles. Taking one section of hair at a time, spray a mixture of water and conditioner onto the hair (mostly water with a dash of conditioner). After spraying each section, scrunch the hair to activate the curls. Repeat the above steps throughout the hair.

How can I make my straight weave wavy?

If you have a straight weave, it can be fun to switch up your style from time to time by adding waves. The best way to do this without damaging your weave is to put your hair in flexi-rod curlers or braids overnight. For a quicker solution, braid your hair and heat it gently with a flat iron to seal in your style.

How can I make my weave wet and wavy?

How to: Wet Wavy Weave

  1. Step 1: Soak the hair in lukewarm water (not the weft).
  2. Step 2: Gently scrunch hair from bottom-up to activate the curls.
  3. Step 3: Squeeze excess water from hair and pat dry with a clean towel.
  4. Step 4: Carefully unfold tracks and let it air dry naturally.

How can I make my straight weave wavy without heat?

There are a few non-heat options especially if you have time to let your hair set for the style. Spray hair with a light moisturizer, like KeraCare setting lotion, African Essence or Salon Pro 30 weave spray. Use products like these to keep the hair moist but light enough to make your curls manageable.

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How do I keep my hair straight when it’s wet?

Laying hair gel, cream, gloss, and spray onto wet hair in rapid succession is what keeps it looking damp. Mist your head lightly with hairspray before the previous products dry fully.

Can you curl straight hair weave?

If your weave is straight, it can be fun to experiment with adding waves. If you prefer not to use heat on your weave, use flexi rods to create beautiful curls. Alternatively, use a curling iron or a hair straightener to quickly achieve a similar look.