Frequent question: How many stitches do you cast on for toe up socks?

The Fingering-Weight Toe-Up Sock for Adults calls for 56 stitches around the cuff for a medium, or 28 stitches on each needle. Find a cable pattern that is 4 or 7 stitches wide, and work it along the top of the foot, knitting the sole of the foot in Stockinette stitch, and then work the cables around the entire cuff.

How many stitches cast on for a sock?

If you knit from the top-down, as a rule of thumb, you’ll need to cast on around 14 or 15 stitches per needle (56 or 60 stitches total) if you have a regular woman’s size and 16 or 17 stitches per needle (64 or 68 stitches total) for a regular men’s size.

Is it easier to knit socks top down or toe up?

Cuff-down socks have an easier cast-on.

Because you’re casting on more stitches and doing so in a loop, the cast-on for a pair of cuff-down socks is a bit easier than the cast-on for toe-up socks, where you are casting on a small number of stitches in a straight line and then growing a loop outward.

How do you measure for toe socks?

Measure from the floor to the top of the curve of your heel. This measurement is typically between 2 and 3 inches. Measure the sock height from the base of your heel (at the floor) to where you want the top of the leg of your sock.

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How do you cover a toe with a cast on?

If your toes are cold, you can cover the end with an old sock that you cut in half. Or, Target has carried “half socks” for open back shoes, and these work also. If it is really raining, I recommend that you put a trash bag over the cast and then the cast shoe over the bag.

How do you calculate cast on stitches?

The Stitches to Cast-On = (dW x S/W). Divide Stitches counted in swatch by swatch Width measured. Multiply by Desired Width. So for the example for the above you will take your 4×4 measured area.

How many stitches do I cast on for a childs sock?

Cast on 40 (44) stitches.