Which needles are best for knitting socks?

I find Magic loop to be the most versatile and the best needle choice for socks knit on the go. With Magic Loop only a single circular needle with an 80 cm cable is needed for the whole sock and it is one of the most secure methods for transporting your work in progress.

Is it easier to knit socks with circular needles?

Less time spent on rearranging stitches means more time spent knitting. I find that the small circular needles have significantly cut down the amount of time I spend on each sock. … It’s also easier to toss a sock in my purse and go if it’s on tiny circular needles compared to double-pointed needles.

How long should a circular needle be for knitting socks?

As a rough guide the following applies: 22 or 30cm (8½ or 12in) are best for small tubes such as socks, mittens or cuffs. It is worth considering however, that very short circular needles will also have shorter than usual needle points which you may not find comfortable to knit with depending on the size of your hands.

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Can you knit socks on 80cm circular needles?

I use an 80cm circular needle and this makes manageable loops on either side of the knitting. (For those who want to make two-at-a-time socks, you’ll need a bigger cable, say 100cm, but I’m not going talk about those during this sockalong.)

What is the best wool for knitting socks?

The Best Sock Yarns for Knitting

  1. Patons Kroy Socks Yarn. Made of 75% wool and 25% nylon, this yarn is a quintessential choice for sock-making projects. …
  2. Lion Brand Yarn Sock-Ease Yarn. …
  3. Premier Yarns Mallard Wool-Free Sock Yarn. …
  4. Regia Arne&Carlos Design Line. …
  5. Malabrigo Sock Aniversario.

Can I knit socks with 2 needles?

Easy Socks on 2 Needles

These easy to knit socks are knitted flat on two needles. Seam with a contrasting yarn for a bit of added fun or matching yarn to hide the seam. A variety of patterns are available for women, men, and children.

Can I knitting socks on 16 inch circular needles?

By way of background, to knit in the round, there’s the full needle method, whereby you use a standard circular needle—typically 16 inches/40 cm or longer—and cast on enough stitches to go all the way around. …

What is the difference between straight and circular knitting needles?

They are needles that have points on both ends. They are used for projects like hats, socks, sleeves, mittens and more. Unlike circular needles you can’t knit flat pieces and you can only knit in the round with dpn. … Straight Needles- Straight or Single Point needles are used for knitting flat pieces.

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What are sock needles?

These are straight needles with dual points, so a top on each end. They’re by far the most common if you’re just starting as a sock knitter and popular in simple or beginner sock patterns. Some sock knitters find doing the heels, heel turn and side, and decreases are easier on double points.

How many DPNS do you need for socks?

If you’re knitting something with a small circumference, like a pair of socks, then a length of five or six inches will suffice. But if you’re knitting a hat, then eight or ten inch needles will be more comfortable. The most popular DPN lengths fall between five and eight inches.

Can you use 100% wool for socks?

The only real downside to using 100% wool in socks is that they can wear out quicker than socks that contain a synthetic fibre. That’s why most yarn sold as “sock yarn” tends to have a percentage of synthetic fibre, such as nylon or acrylic – it adds extra strength and durability.

Do you need special wool for socks?

Sock yarn really needs to be a mix of wool and at least 20% nylon. The nylon makes the yarn hard wearing and stops your socks from wearing out quickly especially on the heels. What ply is sock yarn? … Sock yarn is also available in thicker plys such as the Zauberball 6 ply which makes great boot socks.

Can I use 100% merino wool for socks?

As I wrote earlier, if you’re planning to wear the socks or slippers mostly indoors or if you’re just one of those people who can’t seem to wear out their socks no matter what, you can opt for a 100% wool yarn.

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