How do you make Christmas garland with beads?

How many beads do you need to make a garland?

String Your Beads on the String.

I used 27 beads, but you can use as many as you want! The longer garlands can be wrapped around multiple times, or you can make 2 garlands, like me!

How do you use decorative beads?

Use decorative beads to personalize a space, transform a plain vignette into something more stylish, or play up the color in your home. They create character to your home by adding texture and color to your decor. You can find decorative beads in a variety of colors or sizes!

What string do you use for bead garland?

Cut the jute twine the desired length for the garland and knot on one end, leaving a few inches excess on both ends. Begin stringing the wood beads in the desired pattern. When all the beads are on the garland, tie a knot to secure. Begin to create the tassel by wrapping around your hand about X times.

What are farmhouse beads?

Farmhouse beads have become a staple in many homes, from modern to boho and everything in between. The wooden beads are like jewelry for your living space, accenting everything from a coffee table to fresh flowers in a glass jug. They come in different colors, lengths, and large or small beads.

How do you display bead garland?

How To Use Wooden Beads As Decor

  1. Layer them on vases to display on a mantel.
  2. Lay it across stacks of books on a tray.
  3. String it like a garland across your mantel.
  4. Hang them from the ceiling.
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