Best answer: Which way do I thread my sewing machine?

Winding the Bobbin. Place your thread spool on the spool pin. Place your spool of thread on the top of the sewing machine, on the spool pin. The spool should be turned so that the thread will be released counter-clockwise.

Do you thread a sewing machine with the foot up or down?

1) Your presser foot should be in the up position. When your presser foot is up, the tension discs inside your machine are open. Tension discs are what help the thread move through your machine at an even pace and are what help you get a beautiful stitch.

Why do we need to thread the machine correctly?


Each part of the threading mechanism on the head of a sewing machine has a definite purpose in guiding the thread from the spool to the needle. The thread must pass through the various guides in a given order so that the machine will sew properly the formed stitches.

Does the thread go under the presser foot?

Double check to make sure the thread is through the tension properly. Once you’ve threaded the needle, put the thread straight back (but not under the presser foot). Keep the presser foot up, and note that the thread should be fairly easy to pull.

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Why is my thread bunching up?

Your Thread Tension Is Too Tight

Make sure that you are using the same weight thread in both your bobbin and upper thread. If you don’t, your tension can be uneven and cause you to get bunched-up thread under your fabric. … If your tension is too tight, it can pull your thread and break it.

What is the cause of seam pucker?

Cause. Tension pucker is caused while sewing with too much tension, thereby causing a stretch in the thread. After sewing, the thread relaxes. As it attempts to recover its original length, it gathers up the seam, causing the pucker, which cannot be immediately seen; and may be noticeable at a later stage.

What are the steps in threading the upper part of the sewing machine?

How do I thread the machine (Threading the upper thread).

  1. Turn on the sewing machine.
  2. Raise the presser foot lever. …
  3. Press. …
  4. Remove the spool cap that is inserted onto the spool pin.
  5. Place the spool of thread onto the spool pin. …
  6. Slide the spool cap onto the spool pin.

How do you thread the bottom of a sewing machine?

Hold the top thread to the left and lower the needle (blue arrow) with the hand wheel on the side of the sewing machine. Raise the needle (blue arrow) with the hand wheel, and you will see the bobbin thread (red arrow) get pulled in a little. Gently pull the top thread. This will bring the bobbin thread (red arrow) up.

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How do you use a sewing machine step by step?

How to Use a Sewing Machine

  1. Make sure your needle is raised. …
  2. Place your fabric. …
  3. Gently press the foot pedal. …
  4. Lock your beginning stitches. …
  5. Guide your fabric. …
  6. Lock your ending stitches. …
  7. Raise your needle and presser foot up. …
  8. Slide your fabric away.